We have founded plann engineering with the goal of providing a comprehensive vision between the design phase and the construction, using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology from the conception to the execution on site.

At Plann we work to provide the best cost effective solutions. We are not afraid to leave our comfort zone and search for the solutions that best meet the requirements of our client's projects. We truly believe that projects that require special solutions are essential to our evolution as engineers.
The experience accumulated by the various members of our team allows us to offer a wide range of services. Feel free to learn more about them below.



Structural Engineering Projects

Plann counts with an extensive experience in structural engineering projects, with a large number of projects carried out not only in Portugal but also abroad. We love challenges and, for that reason, we give preference to projects that oblige us to find new and bold solutions.  Not only we do not have any preference with respect to materials, but also, we think that it is part of our job to help finding the structural material that better fits the goals of the projects.

We use Building Information Modeling, which allows identifying and solving in a very early stage potential conflicts between the structure and the architecture. If you are searching a civil engineering office working with BIM, you can stop your search and contact us.


Engineering Projects Coordination

We coordinate the several engineering projects and for that purpose we count on collaborations with external teams specialized in the most diverse specialties. We privilege competence, knowledge and responsibility. This is why we only collaborate with the best people.

All conflicts between the various engineering specialties on the project stage are potential problems to be solved on the construction stage, where the flexibility to find a solution may be highly constrained by economic or scheduling aspects. We therefore think that a good coordination of the various engineering projects is essential to minimize the occurrence of problems in the construction phase. We are convinced that our experience in this task, acquired through participation in a large number of projects, is an advantage in the cases we participate in the conceptual development of the project.


Survey and Coordination of Safety during construction

We provide the service of construction surveying of projects in which we were part of the team in the design stage. Surveying the construction allows us guaranteeing the quality of the execution and helps us improving and optimizing the constructive processes as well as the solutions that we prescribe in the design stage.

Carrying out the design stage within the BIM framework also brings well-known advantages to our clients, which can be fruitful during construction. On the one hand, it allows our clients to better understand their project and identifying potential desired modifications which would be costly and time-consuming in the construction stage. On the other hand, it also allows improving coordination and early clash detection between the various engineering projects involved.


Survey of structures

We also provide a service where the assessment of a structure is performed. In these cases, the behavior and strength of the structure are evaluated and, if necessary, retrofit techniques and strategies are presented.


Consulting services and projects review

We are always available to collaborate on new projects together with other engineering offices. This participation can be reduced to the design stage of a specific part or member of the structure. Alternatively, we can also provide an in-depth review of the different engineering projects.