A Plann Engineering é um gabinete de engenharia independente, fundado por um grupo de jovens engenheiros civis, diplomados em reconhecidas universidades (Mestrados Integrados em Engenharia Civil, Pós-Graduações em Geotecnia e Reabilitação, Doutoramento).

Na Plann acreditamos que são os desafios que nos obrigam a pensar de forma diferente e que nos tornam melhores engenheiros. Não desperdiçamos uma oportunidade para inovar e estamos constantemente à procura de novos projetos estimulantes onde possamos colaborar. Podes descobrir mais acerca de cada um dos membros da nossa equipa em baixo.

por jovens engenheiros civis


Filipe Pomba

Instituto Superior Técnico - Civil Engineering

Filipe is our post graduations collector. Some people collect old coins, Panini cards, old typewriters, and the weirdest stuff. Well, Filipe collects post graduations and technical courses: Geotechnical, Rehabilitation, Acoustics, Plasters, Thermal Insulations, you name it.

At plann you’ll find him with his headphones, extremely concentrated working in some Revit template, hearing to some weird music (Iceland Rock bands or Conan Osiris... ).


Gabriel Alves

FCT/UNL - Civil Engineering

Gabriel is our box-to-box. He excels at anything you throw at him. Give him a morning and he’s an expert in the afternoon. He is that guy that every coach would like to have in a team. The problem is that he’s a terrible soccer player. Lucky for us!


João Simões

PhD - École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne

FCT/UNL - Civil Engineering

We still don’t know if João came back from that fancy PhD in Switzerland listening to Tony Carreira in his car (If you’re not Portuguese, Tony Carreira is like the Beatles. But just for the emigrants…).

João is our firefly. Like João, fireflies defiant the physics to be able to fly static. They are amazing beings who are doing something incredibly remarkable and no one notices. That’s João. Until we open his work (like watching a firefly in slow motion) and see the amazing things he’s accomplished.


José Simão

BIM Consultant

José is using Revit since the Xth century. There are reports that saw José modeling Saint Jorge Castle for the Muslins in Revit (Saint Jorge Castle is the Lisbon Castle that we stole to the Muslins). José knows Revit better than the Revit guys that write Revit for that company that holds Revit. Yes, we’re using Revit a lot so you’re actually sure that José is a master in Revit (and Master is - for real - his middle name).

He’s our advisor in Revit, BIM, matrimonial problems, women, Portuguese traditional music and trading cars like a man.


Luis Correia

Instituto Superior Técnico - Civil Engineering

Luis is the guy that is writing all these nonsense you’re reading above. And everything you’ll read below is the truth and nothing but the truth. No fake new here.

Luís is the best boss in the world. He has been awarded, by Julius Ceaser, the most friendly and comprehensive boss on the planet. He is also the best structural engineer your money can buy. The magazine Wired said, in a printed issue you won’t find, that he is one of the top 10 engineers in the world (please people from Wired, don’t put me on a Law suite because my clients don’t have too much money to buy me).

He is also the best vacuum cleaner in the office. No one vacuum cleans like Luis.